Monthly Archives: February 2024

NeoCon 2023 – New Exciting Products and Trends

Every year NeoCon helps us to see new designs and reimagine how to use products we know and love. This year is no exception! We continue to see a trend that we love: an increase in products designed to be flexible and reconfigurable. We also saw many ergonomic and acoustic options that help offices toRead More

How To Support Employee Mental Health At The Office

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! This month we take the time to reflect on how our workplaces can better support employees’ mental health. Helping to provide mental health care at work requires a holistic approach. It’s important to have emotional support from managers, and health care professionals, as well as providing the tools andRead More

Elevate Your Space with Custom Reception Desks

When it comes to creating a welcoming and functional reception area, your choice of reception desk is crucial. At KV Workspace, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression in various industries, be it healthcare, education, or hospitality. That’s why we help our clients get exactly what they need with customized reception desks. TheRead More

How to Help Students Feel Like They Belong At Your School

What university to attend is one of the biggest choices that higher education students will make. When college students feel a sense of belonging on their campus, they experience significant positive effects socially, academically, and in their future careers. This sense of belonging in a university helps students while they are in class, and throughoutRead More

What’s the Point of an Office Anyway?

Let’s face it, we’re all part of the grand saga that explores the merits of office life versus the allure of working at home in our pajamas. Remote work and hybrid setups have swept through workplaces over the last three years, and we’ve hashed out the pros and cons over virtual coffee chats. But beforeRead More

Dillard University Student Union’s Bright New Look

We are excited to share more details about our project for the Dillard University Student Union. This project has breathed new life into the heart of the campus, creating a vibrant and inviting space for students to relax, collaborate, and learn together. Creating A Sense of Community The main goal for this project: to createRead More

Project Feature: Son Of A Saint Headquarters

“If you love New Orleans, invest in its future.” This is the tagline of the New Orleans-based youth mentoring program, Son of a Saint. Founded in 2011 by Bivian “Sonny” Lee III, Son of a Saint provides mentorship, counseling, tutoring, recreation access, college and career readiness programs, and more for boys without fathers in New Orleans.  TheRead More

The Four Cs of Education

Something big has changed in higher education: the classroom as we knew it is gone. Instead of defining individual rooms with distinct purposes (classroom, dorm, dining hall, student union) students need their university to transform into an immersive learning environment. Today learning happens anywhere on campus, and it’s our job to help students get theRead More