School Furniture in Louisiana

School Furniture in Louisiana

At KV Workspace, we provide the school furniture that educational institutions across Louisiana need to support their students, staff, and educators. It’s always our goal to create a flexible learning environment that blends functionality with aesthetics to create a great place to learn. Explore the top factors for consideration of school furniture, and how we can help you provide a great learning experience for your students.

Our Louisiana State Contract Information

KV Workspace’s Louisiana State Contract number is 4400019558. We’re proud to partner with many furniture companies that serve schools including Haworth, AIS, Kimball, National Pubilc Seating, Alumni Furniture, and more. We work with high-quality furniture providers to equip Louisiana schools with the pieces that support learning. Haworth is our primary manufacturer partner, and KV Workspace is the only Haworth dealer in Louisiana. All Haworth products are available under the Louisiana State Contract. 

Why School Furnishing Matters

School furnishing needs to support the ever-changing needs of today’s students and educators. Designing education spaces with this in mind helps students to feel like they belong, and generates positive interactions between students and your school that can last a lifetime. School furniture needs to be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. Here’s why both factors are important.

Atmosphere Makes a Difference in Education 

Today’s classrooms look very different from what we may have experienced even as recently as 10 years ago. Students today crave connection and choice. Thoughtfully designed classrooms can enhance the overall learning experience, and give students the connection and variety they desire.

Facilitating student interaction and collaboration promotes teamwork, critical thinking, and communication skills. For this reason, we like to create dynamic spaces like the Dillard University Student Union in New Orleans. With many different types of seating arrangements, access to power to charge devices, and a bright and colorful aesthetic, students are encouraged to learn and relax together.  

The aesthetics of a learning environment significantly impact students’ mood, motivation, and sense of belonging. Visually appealing furniture creates an inviting atmosphere that then encourages a positive attitude towards learning. Utilizing bright colors, innovative designs, and comfortable furnishings contributes to a welcoming and inspiring classroom environment where students feel motivated to participate actively in lessons and activities.

Functional School Furniture Encourages Learning

School furniture needs to be practical. Every chair, desk, and storage unit needs to hold up over years of heavy use and cleaning. Investing in durable furniture is essential for long-term cost-effectiveness. KV Workspace sources high-quality furniture from our partners to ensure that their furniture withstands daily use in busy educational settings.

To make sure an educational space is functional for years to come, it must be reconfigurable. Everything from rolling chairs to movable walls can make an educational space easy to change. We used Haworth Enclose Movable Walls for the Son of a Saint Headquarters in New Orleans. They allow light to move through the space, as well as being reconfigurable whenever a change is needed.

Ergonomic School Furniture Creates Healthy Students & Staff

Functionality also means keeping ergonomics in mind. From adjustable and height-appropriate furniture for elementary schools to ergonomic desk chairs for teachers, ergonomic support helps everyone to focus and learn. Comfortable seating and desks enable students to concentrate on lessons for extended periods without distraction, leading to better academic performance and overall well-being. Jive tables, pictured above, come in several different shapes and sizes as well as heights to allow you to create the work environment that will best support your students and staff.

For Jefferson RISE Charter School in Harvey Louisiana, we collaborated on furnishing a lab workroom. This particular space needed to be highly functional and safe for science experiments. The space works to support students with standing-level desks and work tables. We also integrated storage to keep backpacks and books off floors and desks. Lastly, we provided an ergonomic chair for the teacher to support their physical well-being at work.

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Designing Educational Spaces Ready for Change

When designing an educational space, it’s important to remember that these rooms must accommodate different needs throughout the school year. This can include using movable walls as shown at the Son of a Saint Headquarters. But, designing for change can also mean utilizing furniture that has casters or wheels to allow for easy movement.

We kept this top of mind for our project with the Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy. We used mobile seating, stools, and tables for easy reconfiguration. Additionally, we introduced desks and chairs with casters and lounge seating to accommodate lectures or guest speakers.

Providing Individual and Collaborative Educational Spaces

Today’s students prioritize their own learning styles much more than previous generations. Because of this, it is important to allow for both individual and collaborative workspaces. Our work with Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy, above, doesn’t just allow for change – it allows for different students to support individual learning. We created single-person nooks to give young learners a place to study alone. Not far away are group-sized desks for collaborative learning.

Another example is the Bookable Box on Louisiana State University’s Baton Rouge Campus. This space is built specifically for collaborative learning. With a thoughtful arrangement of sofas, ottomans, booths, and cafe-style seating students can work together on projects or homework. This inviting space allows students to feel welcome to stay as long as they need to work. 

Integrating School Pride into Educational Spaces

Branding can be crucial for higher education institutions that want to attract top students who hold your values. When done correctly, incorporating your branding into educational space helps your students to maintain those values. Plus, it helps to generate a feeling of belonging and success that can be passed onto future generations. We provide school furniture in Louisiana in myriad color palettes to ensure your students feel at home on campus.

For example, if your goal is to have collaborative and engaged students, your school furniture can help or hinder that goal. We like incorporating alternative workspaces using comfortable furniture like the Haworth Cabana Lounge, as seen at Dillard University. This comfortable seat encourages students to stay awhile. Moreover, with integrated power and work surfaces, they’re able to do just that. This helps students to connect on projects or just relax together.

Our Educational Design Process

At KV Workspace, we’re dedicated to redefining educational furniture solutions to meet the unique needs of each institution. Our comprehensive design process begins with a thorough needs assessment, where we collaborate with school stakeholders to understand their vision and requirements.

From there, we work closely with your team to develop customized furniture solutions that align with your budget and goals. Our expert team manages every aspect of the project, from planning and procurement to installation and beyond, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients.

Contact us today to embark on a journey toward creating inspiring and functional learning environments that elevate your institution. Let’s work together to transform your school into a space where students thrive and succeed. Elevate your educational spaces with KV Workspace.

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