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At KV Workspace, we specialize in providing corporate office furniture that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. Our goal is to help you create a beautiful workspace that facilitates a supportive environment for your employees and the work they do. This is at the heart of every corporate office that we furnish in Louisiana. From integrating cutting-edge technology to infusing branded elements, we’re here to transform your workspace into a hub of creativity and productivity. Learn the top design factors for corporate offices, and how we help to provide the best workspace for your team.

Creating Functional Corporate Spaces

As a commercial furniture dealer, we have been involved in designing many different offices. For us, one of the most important aspects of the office is providing the tools that your team needs to do a great job. Creating functional corporate offices often means making sure that every item of furniture is thoughtfully chosen and helps to make your employee’s jobs easier in some way.

One powerful and easy way to support employees is by putting power right where they need it. For the WDSU Boardroom in New Orleans, Louisiana, we used the Planes Conference Table with integrated power. This table is beautifully designed for the important meetings that occur in boardrooms and integrates power to allow users to plug in when necessary, without needing to leave their seats.

We also used Compose and Patterns Storage to support the room. With everything you need in the room, but artfully organized and out of sight, teams can be creative and focused.

functional corporate space wdsu boardroom design

Integrating Branding into Your Corporate Office

Branding can be an immersive experience in all aspects of your business. Incorporating your branding into your corporate office helps to tie together your mission and vision into your employee’s everyday work. This instills a sense of unity within your team and every task that they tackle. Branding elements to incorporate in your office space include your brand colors, mission statement, and other visual elements that reflect your message.

Branding in corporate office for Jani King

The office design team at KV Workspace was tasked with creating a clean, inviting, and branded experience for the Jani King Headquarters in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. This well-known local commercial cleaning company needed an equally clean headquarters.

We used the shade of blue from their logo throughout the office, as well as clean modern lines. This combined with the use of brand messaging and other unique touches creates a refined look that helps keep the professionalism of this corporate office front and center.

Creating a Calming Environment

Offices get a bad reputation when their design works against human nature. We want to connect, work in bright natural light, and let creativity and purpose guide our work. Creating a calming environment can be done in many different ways from using Biophilic design to bring the outdoors in, to utilizing natural colors and textures that evoke a relaxing feeling. Did you know that one of the most distracting factors in an office environment is noise? Utilizing sound masking and acoustics is key in many offices, especially for those with open floor plans. We work with the best team to create a calming sound environment that also helps to preserve confidentiality.

When were working on the Campus Federal Headquarters in Baton Rouge Louisiana, we immediately responded to the big bright windows in their space. We focused on a bright but calming design where the naturally soothing colors help to create a calm atmosphere.

Their team thrives on collaboration so we designed their office flow to draw people into gathering spaces and meeting rooms. Using modular glass and solid walls we were able to allow both light and collaboration to move through the space while still providing privacy when needed.

furniture for calming corporate office space

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Providing Private & Collaborative Spaces

The ultimate goal of the office is to bring your team together. Giving your team the tools they need to be as successful as possible requires outfitting their meeting spaces to support their work. But, not every task can be collaborative. Many workers also require private spaces to block out distractions and get some solid work done. Alternatively, there are often occasions where business meetings need to be private for confidentiality reasons. Providing for both scenarios in the same space can be a tricky mix but is successful when designed appropriately.

collaborative corporate office
provate corporate office furniture

We brought this balancing act to The McCalman Building in Covington, Louisiana. This space needed to be highly functional and elegant at the same time. We used Haworth Enclose floor-to-ceiling glass walls in this space that allow tons of natural light throughout the whole office. For the conference room, which needs to have privacy, we utilized “switch glass” that can quickly transition to completely opaque when needed. This gives the whole office space a cohesive and open feeling while maintaining privacy when needed.

Smart Uses of Technology in Your Office

Our ideas for corporate office furnishing always takes into consideration improving existing technology and utilizing the latest technology. Modern office advancements include integrating power into desking, storage, and seating. This provides more locations for employees to work without needing to stay glued to their desks. This provides users the access and flexibility they need for increased communication and productivity.

Other great technological advances that we love when organizing corporate office furniture are products that do double duty. From pendant shades that also act as sound absorption, to desk lamps that are also Bluetooth speakers; giving your employees tech-friendly tools that support their work and create a positive work environment is key to making your office successful. 

light shade technology in corporate office
Technology in Office Design Uma and Power Module

Balancing Traditional and Modern Office Interiors

One important aspect of every project we work on is considering the culture of a business. It takes a delicate balance to incorporate both traditional and innovative office interiors that support every worker’s needs. Many companies need to strike a balance between the traditional corporate office furniture that many of us know with a modern workspace that supports growth and innovation.

A great example of this balance is the Fidelity Bank Headquarters on Carondelet in New Orleans, Louisiana. This beautiful historic building was meticulously restored, and we had the pleasure of working on their corporate furniture needs.

Their space highlights the balance between history and modern innovations. We highlighted this with our design that sets the standard for Fidelity’s new direction and look. We incorporated modern office furnishings that blend seamlessly in this old-meets-new environment.

Office Furniture for Workplace Wellbeing

It should come as no surprise that sitting all day every day at a desk isn’t great for your employees. Back pain is one of the most common workplace injuries – and it can be greatly reduced by providing your employees with ergonomic support. One simple solution is giving employees the freedom to customize their desk setup. Adjustable computer monitor arms are massively helpful in protecting the posture of the neck, and height-adjustable desks allow employees to sit or stand as they choose. 

Making these updates doesn’t have to be expensive – there are many small ergonomic adjustments you can provide that can help support employee wellness at the office. All of these updates work together to help your employees live a happier and healthier life, which in turn gives them the space to be creative and productive. With workplace wellness, everyone wins!

Our Corporate Office Design Process

At KV Workspace, we’re committed to redefining corporate office furniture one space at a time. With our expertise and passion for innovative design, we’ll collaborate with you to create a workspace that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations. Our corporate office furniture design process always begins with a needs assessment. We work with your team to learn what is working in your current space, and what needs to be adjusted. Or, if you’re starting from scratch, we begin by understanding your needs and vision for your office.

Next, we work with you on your budget. With a clear understanding of your budget from the beginning we can help choose the purchase, lease, or financing options that best fit your needs and allow your business to grow.

KVW corporate office furniture design process

Then our expert team really gets to work on making your space work for you. Our design and space planning service is helpful to ensure that your office flows and supports your business needs. We take care of all of the project management, ordering, move management, and warehousing required for your furniture. Then when your building is ready, our excellent installation team will install your furniture and ensure that you have all of the functionality you need.

Contact us today to embark on a journey toward a workspace that embodies your vision and moves your business forward.


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