Space Planning & Design

We can optimize your available space, enhance your productivity, and help you create a dynamic and effective professional environment.

Making your space work for you is what our team does best. Our holistic strategy starts by understanding your needs. This helps us ensure that your space is equipped to support your organization’s core functions.

We work collaboratively with you to maintain project schedules, maximize value, integrate existing furniture, and select culture-enhancing products. We are dedicated to helping you create an environment that suits your evolving business requirements.

Furniture Installation & Reconfiguration

Leave nothing to chance, our exceptional furniture installation and reconfiguration teams ensure your space is configured correctly and can adapt as your business grows.

We take pride in offering specialized installation services, ensuring that your furniture is set up and configured to your exact needs. Our commitment to professional FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) planning and specification standards guarantees that your furnishings are installed properly.

This sets you up for successful workspace functionality for years to come! As your needs change, our team is here to assist with reconfigurations, making your space adaptable to your evolving business.

Project Management

We manage your project so you can work on your business. Our team excels in organizing your goals and budget to get a beautiful result right on time.

KV Workspace provides comprehensive project coordination and management services, taking care of every detail from the initial meeting to the final installation. Our skilled team specializes in guiding even the most complex projects to a beautiful finish.

We take on the tasks of collaborating with manufacturers, contractors, and architects so you don’t need to. This is how we keep your project on track and deliver quality spaces that meet your goals, budget, and schedule.


Support that fits your budget. We help you manage financing options that work for your business, so you can continue to grow and improve.

We understand that financing is a vital aspect of your project. Whether you prefer to purchase, lease, or finance office furnishings, we offer flexible financing options to suit your unique situation.

Our commitment doesn’t end when the project is complete; we’ll continue to support you as your space evolves, ensuring that your people remain productive, and your space remains dynamic and cost-effective.

How We Work

Listen to Understand

We ask questions and listen deeply to your responses to understand the heart and purpose of your request and mission. 

Process & Brainstorm

We are not in business to just sell furniture. We collaborated with your team and use our expertise, talent, and resources to present the best possible solutions for you.

Solutions that Work

We provide aesthetically, beautiful & appropriate spaces that work within your budget and time frame to meet and exceed your functional and environmental demands.

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