NeoCon 2023 – New Exciting Products and Trends

Every year NeoCon helps us to see new designs and reimagine how to use products we know and love. This year is no exception! We continue to see a trend that we love: an increase in products designed to be flexible and reconfigurable. We also saw many ergonomic and acoustic options that help offices to be a more comfortable place to work. This year also showed a trend of space-defining pieces that allow you to make your space work well for your employees while directing flow and noise. Read on to find out about new products and trends from NeoCon 2023.

Flexibility and Function is Key

More than ever we’re seeing designers focus on making a beautiful piece more functional for everyone. It’s becoming common to see integrated power – in seating it makes for easy charging stations, and in desking it allows employees to plug in without needing to crawl under their desks. Adding components like casters, or designing items to be easily taken down, stored, moved, and reconfigured make pieces more useful in our ever-changing offices, and help to get more use out of one product. 

BuzziBracks, pictured above, is a great example of this concept. This modular system creates temporary walls or acoustical booths that are also privacy screens. They are easy to move, help create a quiet workspace, and can be stored when not in use. 

Beautiful Acoustics Everywhere

Incorporating places to work in an office that isn’t a standard desk is a trend we can get behind. Creating a new space where people can focus and work is key for helping employees to feel comfortable and productive at the office, not chained to their desks. One of the best ways to do this is by incorporating sound dampening into workplace furniture pieces. The Cove chair by Poltrona Frau, pictured above, is a comfortable seat and acoustic shield. The curved form allows the user to relax or focus, the added table makes for an easy workspace, and the sound dampening high back helps everyone tune out conversation so they can focus. 

Another acoustic option is the BuzziTotem – an acoustic column that can fit in any space to help reduce sounds. With wedge, cylinder, and beam shapes you can choose the shape and upholstery to suit your space. The columns are on casters to make moving each piece easier. 

For added noise dampening without taking up any floor space, BuzziSpace makes many lighting options that also double as acoustic panels. We like the BuzziPleat which has a unique pleated felt shade that looks gorgeous and absorbs extra noise. 

Ergonomics For All

Ergonomic support is increasingly integrated into our offices. From height adjustable tables that allow for seated or standing work, to small tweaks any office can use, to the best in ergonomic chairs. The Zody II may not be new this year, but the ergonomics can’t be beat! It’s designed specifically for height-adjustable desks, allowing you to choose the position that works best for you. 

A new desk solution is the AIS Encounter Power Bench. It provides height adjustable desking for up to three users per side making it a great fit for open-space offices. With Integrated power, wire management, and beautiful finish options, any office would benefit from this desking line. 

Defining Spaces

We continue to see the trend of architectural pieces that help to define open spaces. Haworth’s Pergola, pictured above, takes this to a grand scale as a freestanding workspace. Pergola can be split into different rooms to allow you to create a workspace, a breakout room, or even a standalone office space. 

A smaller scale option could be a HushMeet booth. Acoustic meeting spaces are becoming increasingly popular for offices. They not only provide a safe and quiet space for people to take meetings or work solo, they also help to define open office spaces by creating a quiet meeting zone. 

The Bay system, by Poltrona Frau, can define spaces on a smaller scale with two-sided bench seating. With many different shapes and sizes, incorporated worktables, and integrated power this system can help define waiting rooms, lounges, and offices. 

To learn more about the latest products for workplaces please get in touch with Marie Richoux and set up a meeting. Send an email to to schedule.

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