Haworth is KV Workspace’s Primary Manufacturer Partner

For over 70 years, Haworth has been an industry leader in manufacturing quality office furniture products. From floor to ceiling and wall to wall, Haworth products can be custom tailored to fit your business needs and optimize your employee workspace environment. Extensive research on human, ergonomic, facility and organizational performance drives product development that delivers effective workplace design and positive employee engagement. The holistic Haworth Integrated Palette Design Stategy ensures that products complement each other both physically and visually, creating a seamless workplace design.

Design Your Own Products with Haworth’s DYO Tool. Create spaces that engage, refresh, and inspire collaboration. Start by selecting the right product for your space, then configure to your design specification. Save for later, or share with others.

Haworth Resources provides accessibility in locating design tools and knowledge on client space idea starters, showroom trends case studies, continuing education and other details for Haworth products. Browse through Haworth’s Revit, Sketchup, Autocad symbols, and more.

Material Bank is a powerful way of searching and sampling materials from hundreds of leading brands.

Haworth and Partners