Furniture for Healthcare Facilities

Furniture for Healthcare Facilities

In a demanding healthcare environment, the furniture you install plays a pivotal role in ensuring durability, comfort, and functionality. At KV Workspace, we specialize in providing robust and stylish furniture for healthcare facilities across Louisiana. We plan, deliver, and install high-quality medical furniture that withstands the rigors of daily use while enhancing the overall aesthetic of your healthcare space. From welcoming medical reception desks to ergonomic nursing stations, our goal is to create environments that promote well-being and efficiency for both patients and staff.

Furniture for Healthcare Facilities: Universal Must-have

healthcare facility furniture
furniture for healthcare facility

No matter the type of healthcare facility or what type of room you are furnishing, there is one universal must-have: the ability to hold up over time. We always recommend hard-working furniture for healthcare facilities that is made of durable materials able to withstand heavy use and cleaning. From cafeteria seating to desks to patient recliners, you need pieces that can stand up to long-term use. We are proud to partner with Haworth to provide much of the furniture for healthcare facilities we mention on this page. With years of experience creating dependable furniture, we trust Haworth as a reliable vendor for your healthcare facility. 

Create a Lasting First Impression with Your Welcome Desk

Start your patient visits on a positive note. A welcoming and efficient medical reception desk or check-in desk sets the right tone for patients and visitors. We create custom reception desks that blend functional needs with beautiful exteriors. To do this, we utilize Studio Craft to build the modular millwork that makes your reception desk unique. The result is a functional space for your front office staff and a beautiful entry to your healthcare facility.

Comfortable and Inviting Spaces to Wait

Healthcare facility waiting room

Waiting rooms play a crucial role in the patient experience, offering a comforting environment for patients and their families. Families will use waiting rooms for widely varying amounts of time, from just a few minutes to potentially hours or even days. Offering a variety of different seating options allows guests to choose where they will be most comfortable.

The medical waiting room is a great space to establish the tone of your healthcare facility. We love the use of sofa and chair seating, and a refreshments setup on top of valuable cabinet storage pictured above. This gives a friendly and warm feeling to the waiting room. While many different colors can be used to complement your brand, we particularly like involving warm and earthy tones in waiting rooms to give a relaxing feeling. Moreover, providing amenities such as charging stations, and desks or writing surfaces enhances the overall waiting room experience, reducing anxiety and improving patient satisfaction.

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Patient Confidentiality with Sound Masking and Acoustics

healthcare office furniture

We take Doctor/Patient confidentiality very seriously. One often overlooked component of this confidentiality is sound masking. People walking through hallways shouldn’t be able to hear a confidential conversation between a patient and their healthcare provider. We work with Michael Barkman, Owner of Sound Management Group, to help our clients with both acoustical solutions and sound masking.

Many healthcare facilities need both acoustics and sound masking. These concepts are similar – but they use quite different functions to create a confidential space. Acoustic panels absorb sound which quiets loud areas like cafeterias or conference rooms. Sound masking actually creates white noise at a frequency that mimics background noise making it difficult to overhear conversations. Sound masking and acoustics can be used together to create optimal sound environments in healthcare facilities. Both sound masking and acoustics should be unobtrusive and nearly invisible to your guests. 

Nurses Stations: Enhancing Workflow and Collaboration

Nurses stations are the central hub for healthcare professionals, facilitating coordination, communication, and efficient workflow. To optimize functionality and comfort in these critical areas, consider ergonomic chairs like the Zody II that promote proper posture and reduce fatigue during long shifts. Ample storage solutions are essential for organizing medical supplies, patient records, and equipment, ensuring quick access when needed. Our custom nurses’ stations utilize Haworth’s Compose Panels to integrate power into the desk. Then, with custom millwork, we’re able to create a patient-friendly design that matches your facility’s aesthetics, all while ensuring that your nurses are able to work efficiently.

Focus and Function in Doctor’s Offices

Private offices within healthcare facilities offer a dedicated space for administrative tasks, consultations, and confidential discussions. When furnishing these spaces we focus on creating a functional workspace that best supports the user. For this, we utilize ergonomic medical furniture that helps create a healthier workspace, especially for people who both sit and stand for long periods. In addition to ergonomic chairs, using monitor arms lifts screens to eye-level helping to promote proper posture. This helps to reduce neck and back pain that often comes with office work. 

Monitor arms are a great option in patient rooms too! With the Ergotron StyleView Powered Medical Cart, pictured above, users can show patients information on the screen easily. This is particularly helpful in prioritizing patient care while supporting the ergonomic needs of your healthcare staff.

Nurturing Social Interaction

Cafeterias in healthcare facilities serve as communal gathering spaces where patients, staff, and visitors come together to eat and socialize. When designing medical cafeteria spaces we prioritize comfort, functionality, and hygiene with durable and easy-to-clean furniture solutions. The Very Wire Chair is a great option for cafeterias. It has a comfortable seat made of durable polymer material that holds up well to cleaning. It’s also stackable and lightweight making it ideal for spaces that need to be moved regularly.

Success Story: CrescentCare Elysian Healthcare Campus

One of the healthcare facilities we have worked with is the CrescentCare Elysian Healthcare Campus. Rooted in a 40-year commitment to inclusive and client-focused healthcare, this project exemplifies our dedication to creating healthcare spaces that work beautifully. From the inviting lobby and waiting areas to the high-capacity administrative offices and training rooms, our medical furniture solutions prioritize comfort, efficiency, and confidentiality, contributing to an environment that supports patient well-being and staff productivity.

How We Work with Healthcare Facilities in Louisiana

Understanding Your Needs

We begin by listening intently to your requirements, diving deep into the needs of your medical facility. From hospitals to nursing homes, clinics to administrative offices, we know the diverse demands of healthcare environments. Understanding your unique challenges and objectives allows us to tailor our solutions precisely to your needs.

Collaborative Approach

Collaboration is the core of our process. We don’t just sell furniture; we partner with your team to brainstorm and conceptualize solutions that align with your vision. Leveraging our expertise, talent, and resources, we work hand-in-hand to present the best possible designs that optimize functionality, aesthetics, and budgetary considerations.

Crafting Solutions that Work

Our goal is to provide more than just beautiful spaces—we deliver environments that enhance workflow, foster patient comfort, and optimize operational efficiency. From planning and specifying to ordering, manufacturing, and final installation, our full-service approach ensures seamless execution at every stage of the project. 

Let’s Get Started

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