Campus Federal HQ

KV Workspace undertook the project at the Credit Union Headquarters, with a focus on establishing a cohesive workflow and inviting atmosphere. Characterized by a relaxing and friendly color palette, the design emphasizes flow and collaboration. To enhance flexibility, the addition of small meeting rooms or touchdown spaces with modular walls allows for seamless adaptability; integrating gallery walls and combination solid and glass panels with high-capacity workstations allows for privacy and focus. The break room becomes a vibrant social hub with lounge and cafe seating and tables. Introducing Cabana Lounge Seating prioritizes comfort and privacy for a rejuvenating break experience, while height-adjustable private office desks contribute to an ergonomic and dynamic workspace, successfully marrying aesthetics with employee well-being.

Completed: 2023
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Products used: Haworth Poppy Lounge, Haworth Jive, Haworth Cabana, Haworth Pip Table, Haworth Poppy Guest, Haworth Compose Workstations, Haworth Planes Training Tables, Haworth Enclose EFG, Haworth Openest Coffee and Side Table, OFS chairs, OFS Boost Ottoman, OFS Kintra Table, OFS Maive Coffee Table, OFS Acen Nesting Chairs, Andrew World Flex Stool, Ergotron Monitor Arms, Emu Cannole Low Table, Emu Nova Stools and Tables, Emu Mom Stacking Chair with Arms, Emu Darwin Loveseat, Via Tahoe Picnic Table, Hightower Planters, AIS Native Lectern

How We Work

Listen to Understand

We ask questions and listen deeply to your responses to understand the heart and purpose of your request and mission. 

Process & Brainstorm

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We provide aesthetically, beautiful & appropriate spaces that work within your budget and time frame to meet and exceed your functional and environmental demands.