Fidelity Bank Carondelet HQ

Fidelity Bank HQ on Carondelet represents a fusion of corporate excellence and historic charm, nestled in the heart of downtown New Orleans. This project involves the meticulous renovation of a historic NOLA building, seamlessly blending the old with the new. With a clean and contemporary aesthetic, our design sets the standard for Fidelity’s new direction and look. The headquarters houses a branch on the first floor, providing convenient access to banking services, while the second floor accommodates corporate offices. Fidelity Bank HQ embodies a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation, embodying the essence of Fidelity’s commitment to excellence and forward-thinking design.

Completed: 2021
Location: New Orleans, LA
Collaborators: Trapolin Peer Architects, Ryan Gootee General Contractors
Products used: Haworth Master Series Desk, Haworth Planes Tables, Haworth Very Task & Conference Chairs, Haworth Compose Workstations, Haworth Downtown Chairs, Nucraft Desk

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