LSU Bookable Box

LSU’s Bookable Box aims to create a secluded and inviting space for students to gather, study, and unwind. It features a thoughtful arrangement of sofas, ottomans, booths, and cafe-style seating, allowing for diverse seating preferences. The area’s design incorporates the school’s deep purple and gold-yellow colors, complemented by warm wood tones and neutral greys, creating a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere conducive to both focus and relaxation.

Completed: 2018
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Collaborators: Street Collaborative, Sachse Construction
Products used: Kimball Pairings, Perch Sofas, Kimball Pairings Booths,
Kimball Pairings Divider Walls,
Kimball Joelle Stools, Kimball Bloom Lounge Chairs, Kimball Villa Occasional Tables, Grand Rapids Harper Seating, Grand Rapids Dylan Tables, Grand Rapids Brady Tables, Grand Rapids Rambo Tables, Grand Rapids Cassandra Tables

How We Work

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