Jefferson RISE Charter School Lab Workroom

At RISE Labs, our furniture solutions for the 6th through 12th-grade school prioritize safety, durability, and an enriching learning environment. The project showcases practical teacher workstations that seamlessly blend ergonomic features with durability, ensuring a secure and comfortable space for educators to facilitate learning. In the lab classrooms, our focus on safety is paramount, with furniture choices that withstand the rigors of student activities while fostering collaborative learning. The furniture at RISE Labs is a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that not only endure but enhance the educational experience.

Completed: 2021
Location: Harvey, LA
Collaborators: Mathes Brierre Architects
Products used: BMC Lab – Metal Arc

How We Work

Listen to Understand

We ask questions and listen deeply to your responses to understand the heart and purpose of your request and mission. 

Process & Brainstorm

We are not in business to just sell furniture. We collaborate with your team and use our expertise, talent, and resources to present the best possible solutions for you.

Solutions that Work

We provide aesthetically beautiful spaces that work within your budget and time frame to meet and exceed your functional and environmental demands.