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8 Corporate Office Design Trends To Create A Productive And Healthy Work Environment

Corporate office design is about so much more than aesthetics. When thoughtfully designed, an office can support creativity, productivity, and the wellness of the people who work there. As more corporations recognize the importance of their office design, trends have emerged to focus on elements that create a great working environment. From incorporating natural elementsRead More

How To Support Employee Mental Health At The Office

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! This month we take the time to reflect on how our workplaces can better support employees’ mental health. Helping to provide mental health care at work requires a holistic approach. It’s important to have emotional support from managers, and health care professionals, as well as providing the tools andRead More

Is Your Office Making Your Employees Sick?

Is your office making your employees sick? We’re not just talking about social distancing anymore! Many things that we take for granted as part of working in an office building are negatively contributing to our health. When employees experience back pain, eye strain, and fatigue, they aren’t able to do their job to the bestRead More

Easy Ergonomic Updates for a Healthier Office

Creating a healthier work environment is always on our minds. We spend so much of our days at our desks (either at home or at your workplace)! It’s important that our workspaces support not only a productive work environment but a healthy place for us to spend time. According to UCLA Health, “sitting for prolongedRead More

KVW How To Use Sound Masking and Acoustics Together

Productivity levels tank in a distracting environment. We all know the feeling of trying to concentrate when an unexpected sound surprises us, pulling away our focus. Creating a productive and calming atmosphere must include sound management. Sound masking and acoustics work hand in hand to make your office productive and compliant with speech confidentiality requirements. Read More