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NeoCon 2023 – New Exciting Products and Trends

Every year NeoCon helps us to see new designs and reimagine how to use products we know and love. This year is no exception! We continue to see a trend that we love: an increase in products designed to be flexible and reconfigurable. We also saw many ergonomic and acoustic options that help offices toRead More

Biophilia Design

The healing power of nature can’t be overstated. In a time when many of us are feeling stressed, it’s no wonder that adding a bit of life and greenery to offices and businesses is becoming a must. Biophilic design isn’t a trend – it’s the new way forward for many organizations. What is Biophilic Design?Read More

Revisiting Office Space Standards

Office space has been getting a lot of attention lately. After staffing, office space is typically an organization’s second-largest expense. And because office space can impact the ability to recruit, as well as the satisfaction and productivity of employees, many organizations have been taking a very careful look at how their space is working forRead More