Biophilia Design

The healing power of nature can’t be overstated. In a time when many of us are feeling stressed, it’s no wonder that adding a bit of life and greenery to offices and businesses is becoming a must. Biophilic design isn’t a trend – it’s the new way forward for many organizations.

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilia means “a human desire or tendency to commune with nature”. Biophilic design takes that human desire to interact with nature and incorporates it into our businesses, offices, and schools. We can see this in buildings that harness natural daylight, greenspaces to work or relax, and the use of indoor plants.

What Does This Design Look Like?

Biophilic design takes much more into consideration than just adding houseplants. When bringing the outdoors in, designers need to consider everything from access to natural light, airflow, surface materials, and yes the use of indoor plants. 

Using materials that evoke a sense of the outdoors can mean using natural materials like wood and wool. Incorporating natural colors and textures can be achieved by using rugs made of natural materials like the GAN rug, above

Why Should I Use Biophilic Design?

While we all know that spending time outdoors makes us feel better, what does it have to do with the office? Studies have shown that biophilic design helps to make employees more productive, feel a greater sense of well-being at work, and are more creative than workers in offices without biophilic design. 

As we return to working from the office, it’s important that these spaces help to make employees feel at home while they’re at work. Creating a calming and inspiring environment with biophilic design can greatly help. 

How To Incorporate Biophilia In Your Office

One major way of incorporating biophilic design into your office is to install a living wall. In South Louisiana, we love Luna Botanicals for creating living walls like the one pictured above, as well as fern walls and indoor/outdoor landscape design. We get to enjoy this piece of biophilic design every day at our showroom at Scale!

BuzziSpace also has several products to help bring the outdoors in while aiding in sound absorption. The BuzziPlanter, pictured above is made from high-density foam to absorb noise in open spaces creating overall healthier work environments. BuzziFalls, pictured below, are sound-absorbing panels inspired by nature that can be used to divide large spaces or as wall art. 

Want to know how biophilic design could work in your space? Please get in touch with Marie Richoux and set up a meeting. Send an email to to schedule. 

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