University of Louisiana Lafayette Student Union

The ULL Student Union stands as a vibrant communal space where students gather, unwind, dine, and study. Featuring robust and resilient furniture in the school’s distinctive red color, this space exudes simple modernity and school spirit. With an array of furniture options such as cafe seating, booths, and sturdy lounges offering relaxing campus views, students can comfortably gather, socialize, and focus on their studies. The addition of outdoor cafe seating further enhances the experience, providing a durable and inviting outdoor setting for students to enjoy meals or relax amid the energetic campus atmosphere.

Completed: 2015
Location: Lafayette, LA
Collaborators: ACSW Architects
Products used: Haworth Planes Tables & Carts, Haworth Very Stools and Chairs, Kimball Villa Lounge Seating, Kimball Acapella Chairs, Navetta Symettra Tables, Plymold Furnishings Solutions Rockport Chair, Plymold Furnishings Solutions Tables

How We Work

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